Saturday, November 27, 2010

One Lonely Rose

One Lonely Rose
One lonely rose greeted me,
I didn’t know why she left our home,
Beneath my window this morn,
It was not logical to be in the world alone,
She tugged her petals closer,
She always forgot to bring her coat and mitts,
While shivering in the storm,
If she needed warmth she wouldn’t admit it,
Her head drooped slightly,
I could tell she was tired and ill,
As she leaned into the rain,
I knew she struggled paying bills,
Against the winds, the mighty winds,
But she had to prove she had the will,
She was determined to remain,
She made it clear I was unneeded still,
Expecting the worst when all had ceased,
Surely after months my love she would lack,
I hesitated before I glanced outside,
Her world must be out of whack!
The delicate rose remained there still,
She did not want me to bring her back,
Bursting with fragrant pride,
Her pride will be her downfall,
I admired her courage as she stood alone,
She had heard freedom’s call,
Smiling as she stood sentinel tall,
She had no intention of giving in, none at all,
Knowing the other roses were gone,
Even to lose love she chose not to bend,
She waited bravely to face the first snowfall.
She would be independent until the end.

Sometimes in poetry the story is between the lines.

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