Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Let's Change the Way We Live

Lately we’ve had our moments of doubt,
Where one of us would spout or shout,
I’m tired of fighting, so I’ll seek you out,
Let’s set up a date night,
Where we can dine by candlelight,
We’ll sit face to face and talk,
Not about the weather or about the kids,
But about us,
We’ll forget and forgive,
And change how we live,
Let’s talk about new beginnings,
Steps to be made,
You don’t want to stay,
In the same emotional space,
So the past we’ll erase,
It’s time for us to move forward,
I’ve arranged for us to be alone,
 So we can focus on each other,
I’ll hold your hand for I want to be close,
I want to laugh and talk about good times,
Later we can walk by the lake,
See the moon’s reflection,
And of its beauty partake,
I’ll put my arm around you,
You can communicate without fear,
When you talk, it all becomes clear,
Just how lonely you’ve been,
That’s much to my chagrin,
 I’ll tell you I love you,
We’ll reset our path, you will see,
We’ll make our date night a priority,
We’ll laugh again like we were young,
And sing songs like they’ve never been sung,
And love, sweet love, will come our way,
We’ll work this out, come what may,
And learn to love deeply, forever and a day.

1 comment:

  1. A poem from someone who cares to someone much cared about. Well wrought. Deeply felt.

    Thank you for this. So poetic and yet such good common sense in your poems.


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