Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I'll Love My Neighbor

I’ll Love My Neighbor, My Community, and My World
When I was a child I felt secure in my mother’s arms,
I didn’t worry whether she would keep me from harm,
My world was limited because my vision was small,
But my understanding of relationships grew tall,

My nights were filled with moonlight and dreams,
Dreams of people who were part of a living stream,
Thus I began my quest to learn who they were,
And find where I would fit within this endless blur,

The search to belong became my secret song,
I wanted real relationships with the bonds strong,
Real questions that had meaning I wanted to ask,
To know my neighbors, was that too big of a task?

I wanted to exchange truth, not cause anyone strife,
Not to tell me they’re okay, then take their own life,
I wanted a community that found common ground,
Where people of all kinds were happy to be found,

My house would be open to all who passed through,
Not just for old friends, but even the new,
Failures of yesterday would become foundations for today,
Each mistake used to motivate to find a better way,

Relationships building up each other, with mercy and respect,
The rewards would keep returning, more than I expect,
I love my neighbors, my community, and my world too,
I would like to start somewhere, so what can I do?

No one was meant to be alone, whatever may befall,
You’re invited to my house, whether you’re different or not at all,
I’ll do what I can to share my life and maybe so will you,
We’ll build bridges across our differences and see what will ensue,

For all the world to see, our friendship would be on display,
If it’s all the same to you, there’s no reason to delay,
I’ll care for my neighbor like myself, compassionate and loving too,
I’ll seek good whenever I can, and that’s all I’ll ask of you.

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