Monday, March 28, 2011

When Love is Shallow, But Other Times Deep (Part Two)

 I attributed my wandering to my romantic allure,

And Kristi was there now to calm and reassure,
I settled down with Amanda, with Kristi down the road,
Twice the loving was great, but twice the financial load,

I worked harder and my sales continued to grow,
But as children arrived, my funds still became low,
Although Amanda had only graduated from high school,
I decided I’d find her a job, even if she had to retool,  

With all three children in school all day,
There was no reason for her to stay and play,
“Amanda,” I said, “A wife’s duty is to support her man,
So you’re going to help, any way you can,”

“You do a good job at cleaning our abode,
You’re strong and healthy, you can share our load,”
“You can clean the houses of our busy friends,
There are three or four that I’d recommend,”

I loved Kristi more but I wanted to be fair,
Our two children were off and in child care,
I found her some work from an internet source,
With a few ads here and there, she became a force,

She would make sales to the desperate and old,
“Forget your conscience,” I said, “you’ve got to be bold,”
“Promise them they’ll make thousands per day,”
She learned to take what they had and then slip away,

They were both bringing in money like most wives should,
In fact, I thought the three of us were really doing good,
So I began to dress better, for the sake of the company,
That’s when I met the owner’s daughter, a beauty named Shari,

She was spoiled by her father, rotten to the core,
She usually got what she wanted, and a little bit more,
Now I was trying to have fun, maybe flirt and that’s all,
But she thought we should go out and have a ball,

Shari wanted to have her way, I said, “Oh, no, you’re not,”
“We’ll do things my way, a man should call the shots,”
My life was getting complicated, but what could I do?
My love had grown large enough, to include Shari too,

Amanda and Kristi kept the fires burning at home,
And Shari was possessive enough to not let me roam,
My life was organized and nobody was out of line,
My wives were contented and my kids were just fine,
(To Be Continued)

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