Thursday, March 10, 2011

Your Words are Treasures!

It’s time to clear your mind of clutter,
Of harmful words that you might utter,
Clear the slate of words that sting,
Think of terms that love might bring,
When the air is filled with words of praise,
They warm the nights and soften the days,
Those words build relationships deep,
Forging bonds that your heart will keep,
A base composed of appreciation and trust,
With treasures that won’t break or rust,
Positive words will increase self-worth,
There is a shortage of those on earth,
Those sweet words that build self-esteem,
Are given to you when angels dream,
Your body language and tone of voice,
Can strike fear or give cause to rejoice,
Show mercy to others as given to you,
What goes around, comes around, you know that too,
Let terms of endearment sweeten your tongue,
Let your kindness be legendary, your praises sung,
If respect is given to both young and old,
Your hair might turn silver, but your heart will stay gold,
Encourage others to search for a star,
Give them a boost if they can’t reach that far,
And let them know your heart, tell them you care,
You’ll love them forever, and always be there.

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