Sunday, March 27, 2011

When Love is Shallow, But Other Times Deep

Although Amanda and I were married way too young,
 She’s still great and I insist her praises should be sung,
 But she’s really tired sometimes and I have needs,
Everyone knows a man is supposed to spread his seed,

I knew Amanda and I should be honest from the first day,
That there were things I needed to say,
I didn’t want misunderstandings, or her to have pain,
So I figured if the air was cleared, we’d both gain,

We cuddled, loved, kissed, and talked,
But when she complained too much I walked,
Right out to my car and down to the bar,
After a few drinks I wished upon the brightest star,

That’s when the idea hit me, it really made sense,
Two people always together becomes way too intense,
I make good money, and if I used my head,
There’s no reason to fight when I could be loving instead,

On my next business trip I met Kristi and liked her a lot,
She was witty and charming, but she was also distraught,
Her finance had broken their engagement so drinks I bought,
She wanted my advice so I told her what I thought,

“The pain of a breakup is one of the worst in your life,
Memories of the good times cut your heart like a knife,”
I told her she should go where her hurting heart led,
We talked and we drank, and I took her to bed,

We made love several times throughout the night,
And when the sun came up it still felt right,
“You’re beautiful,” I told her again and again,
“This is a good way for your new life to begin,”

“You can’t stop loving because when it feels right,
You see the world differently, in a special kind of light,”
We talked about our desires and our future plans,
A few sales trips later I put a diamond on her hand,
 (to be continued)

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