Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"Sweaty and Dirty" (Part Two)

It was suggested I dress formal, I learned from a note,
There were also several emails, they seemed so remote,
Yet I obtained her address, phone number, and name,
This seemed like a secret mission, or a wild party game,

I bought what a saleswoman recommended, yet odd I felt,
Wearing a crisp dark suit, matching watch, shoes, and belt,
I rang Staci’s doorbell at seven, being on time was my norm,
She stared wide-eyed as if I was some unrecognizable form,

“You cleaned up well,” she said as she glanced from head to toe,
 Her expression changed from shock to grin, why I don’t know,
She wore a classic black dress, ready for a night on the town,
I thought, “This is special, my feet aren’t touching ground,”

On the way we shared small talk, about values and goals,
Yet she was not listening, her emotions had taken control,
She was talking about someone else, I realized it was her ex,
About what he wanted, how he was different than she expects,

At the party I was at her side when she greeted her friends,
“Who is that?” they asked in front of me, she says, “Oh, him,”
“He’s just a laundry worker!” scorn evident in her voice,
“I had to come with someone, I really had no choice,”

She saw my hurt, and realized how her words had ripped,
“That’s the truth,” she said, “you shouldn’t have lost your grip,”
Her ex was more than a doctor, a heart surgeon, to be exact,
He was surrounded by women who watched his every act,

Staci led me across the room, bravely clutching my arm,
“Pretend you’re interested in me,” she said, “Show a little charm,”
The doctor saw us coming and came across to greet me,
“So you’re Staci’s new love, or just her wanna be?”

I replied, “I think she’s too good for you, so show some respect,”
He laughed and said to Staci, “What did you expect?
He’s just a laundry worker, dirt and sweat are in his veins,
He’s not what I’d call first class, he’ll work hard with little gain,”

“I would have supported you in style, if you’d just let me be,
Not all of us are monogamists, as you can plainly see,
You could have stayed, accepting me for the stud I am,”
Staci shook her head, “I won’t be part of your adoring harem,”

For her the party was over, she had heard the very worst,
Instead of her changing him, she found her bubble burst,
“Take me home,” she uttered, her eyes filling up with tears,
 The drive back was very quiet, with me, Staci, and her fears,

I walked Staci to her door, then turned to walk away,
I froze when I heard her voice, “Please, I want you to stay,”
This would have been a perfect time, her cruelty to avenge,
Instead I chose a positive way, an alternative to revenge,

“Staci, you’ve been hurt and I want to be your friend,
But even though I’m gullible, I want you to comprehend,
You see me as a laundry worker, with a social ladder to climb,
I hope your relationship expectations change over time,

I think you’re wrong when you look first for status or wealth,
There are better things to look for as you strive for relational health,
Make a list of the qualities you want from your ideal mate,
Decide which ones you can’t live without, or leave it to fate,
(to be continued)

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