Monday, March 14, 2011

Music Has Always Existed

The shaman shared his secrets in a cave,
Where no one dared enter, even the brave,
It was time for his wisdom to be passed down,
His chosen one had to have an ear for sound,
For rhythms were the lifeblood of his clan,
Without his approval rhythms were banned,
She waited patiently as herbs were mixed,
He stirred the drinks with seasoned sticks,
“Drink,” he ordered and gave her a cup,
“This will excite the spirits that I call up,”
She sipped it slowly , then drank it all down,
Her world began spinning round and round,
Yet she listened and never resisted,
He chanted, “Music has always existed,”
“In the beginning it was cool,
When humans started using tools,
Rock against rock and maybe by chance,
The rhythmic pounding induced a trance,”
And he added, “Strong emotions were stirred,
When good vibrations occurred,”
He held up the wand that stirred the drink,
 He chanted the spell that made the link,
Between the other world and the wand,
Invoking spirits from far beyond,
The shaman paused, “ With this magic stick,
 I can contact spirits, heal the sick,
And on a tree trunk I can beat,
And the music will enter my feet,
Now I’ll take two wands and start,
Tapping to the rhythm of your heart,
You’ll feel the beat stir deep inside,
Release the energy you can’t hide,
You will sway your hips and dance,
You’ll help two people find real romance,
Create with magic the will,
For us to care for each other still,
The bonds that unite will not come apart,
When joy brings love into your heart,
To all kinds of rhythms, open your mind,
Show respect and love and you will find,
You will be held in high esteem,
I’ll dance to your music and listen to your dreams,
But for now you’ll warm me with your fire,
I’ll invoke the spirits to stir your desire,
And the rhythms of love will fill the night,
Creating special magic until dawn’s first light,”
As the Shaman’s apprentice she blossomed and grew,
Learning all he taught her until she was confident and knew,
The rhythms of music that would keep peace in their clan,
She taught women to dance so each could please her own man,
Magic was in the drums, in the beat that was played,
The magic wands set the cadence with skills displayed,
And the tribe danced with happy feet,
Dancing to nature, enjoying the beat,
And the rhythms of love would fill the night,
Creating special magic until dawn’s first light.

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