Sunday, March 6, 2011

Let Your Dreams Soar!

If you’ve been looking back at people you’ve known,
Wishing you’d been kinder, with more respect shown,
They led you up roads where challenges were steep,
Through pages of history where knowledge was deep,

Through languages, art, calculations and more,
They taught you learning is lifelong, and easy to store,
What? You think education was nothing but a one way track?
Then you’ve set limits on yourself, what’s holding you back?

You’ve been wasting your time seeing only with your eyes,
For knowledge is from experiences gained whatever you try,
Seeing well and listening well are taught right from the start,
 But true learning occurs with visions straight from the heart,

You may have broken dreams that you still need to mend,
Let all your cherished hatreds go, and love others to the end,
Try doing the impossible tasks you once set out to explore,
Don’t let anything hold you down, let your dreams soar,

Don’t look for Easy Street to help you go the distance,
The Path of Most Resistance will give you your best chance,
For sacrifices and challenges stir up the will to fight,
With each barrier you take away, dreams are released to flight,

Don’t look behind at each precipice you have crossed,
Keep focused on the goal ahead, don’t let your vision get lost,
And those leaders and teachers, prophets, parents and more,
Paved the way with their sweat and tears and opened the door,

So salute those who have expanded your worlds to explore,
Don’t let anything hold you back, let your dreams soar,
For the world is waiting for you to set a new trend,
You’re unique, talented, and educated, it’s time to begin.


  1. your title immediately attracted me...
    divine message, powerful delivery..


  2. Thank you for the life lessons :)
    an enjoyable read!
    Happy Monday!

  3. Wonderfully good.."gained, whatever you try" true..all can be a gain!

  4. That was an AWESOME poem. I can relate to and feel your message from the bottom of my heart. There is always more to learn from others, about others, and about ourselves as long as we seek it out. Keep dreaming, lerning & sharing Dan!!! Thanks for your sweet rhyming comment on my blog. :)


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