Sunday, May 22, 2011

Accidentally on Purpose (Part 2)

Career Choice #4

I wanted a career that let me work alone,

Just let me do my task,

An occupation that was really appreciated,

Was that too much to ask?

With a few classes I could be an electrician,

With a few years of training I’d be set,

It was shocking what I discovered,

So I wasn’t ready to commit yet,  

I’d learn to be a responsible apprentice,

For maybe four years or more,

The idea was simply electrifying,

It thrilled me to the core,

I could be a great conductor,

Giving electricity a special path,

But I’d have to be extra careful,

Not to feel its burning wrath,

Then I found crawl spaces too small,

For my claustrophobic bent,

And spiders and snakes were not on my list,

Of things that were heaven sent,

So farewell to blueprints and colored wires,

And all things electricians do,

So circuit breakers and transformers,

I decided we were through,

Career Choice #5

I could handle deposits and lend out bucks,

So banking was a job I thought I could do,

What were my qualifications?

I looked good in suits and loved money too,

Interest on loans is a principal source of revenue, 

So can’t you see me sitting behind a door,

Trying to find ways to raise the interest rates,

Counting currency and saying, “More, I want more,”

There has to be continual communication,

Between customers and banking employees,

So financial needs are met with services,

As long as the bank gets its fees,

Secrets kept me from being a banker,

For there were records about payments due,

I had access to confidential information,

And I refused to divulge what I knew,

Career Choice #6

I thought about becoming a heart surgeon,

Oh, how important I would be,

If I could replace a worn out heart,

Wouldn’t everybody just envy me?

Well trained, dedicated, and extremely skilled,

Some of the requirements for medical careers,

The pay is good and I have a few weeks to spend,

Wait! You say after college there’s six more years?

I would work long hours if the nurses were cute,

But clinical rotations and residencies I’d be on,

By the time I was ready to start my practice,

Half of my life would be gone,

I guess I just didn’t have the heart,

To even start,

So kiss thoracic surgery goodbye,

I won’t even try,

(To be continued)

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