Saturday, May 7, 2011

"You're Ready to Touch the Sky"

For The Student Who’s Graduating
Students, there’s a big scary world out there,
Responsibilities on your shoulders rest, decisions to be made,
And discoveries to claim if you but dare,
Goals to reach or do nothing and let your dreams fade,

There are challenges you’ve already met,
With the support of family and friends,
But there are new goals that haven’t been set,
And your dreams have beginnings but no ends,

You’ll finish what others thought was an impossible task,
You won’t let this difficult world hold you back,
You’ll accomplish much more than the world might ask,
You’ve been honing your skills and none do you lack,

This world has had an awkward past,
Expect challenges and feelings of doubt,
Be prepared the best you can, life comes at you fast,
And the things you’ve planned may not turn out,

Obstacles might be placed in your path,
But don’t let that stop you from your quest,
Other ways exist from A to B, if you’ve done your math,
Education is just one part; life itself is the final test,

It’s a big intriguing world out there,
Take the first step and hold your head high,
Right or wrong, be brave, do everything with flair,
The world is yours if you choose to touch the sky.

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