Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Where Did Winter Go?

Just when I thought I was tired of the snow,
Along came summer temperatures, winter where did you go?
I didn’t have to worry about the grass under the snow,
Now I can hear it growing, and winter where did you go?

When the cold was here, I needed several layers to don,
Now clothing is minimal, it’s clear that winter has gone,
But the trees are happy with their foliage of green,
And animals are dancing without fear of being seen,

If the forest is happy, why should I complain?
I enjoy the summer’s beauty, including the torrential rain,
I need several weeks of transition, I think it’s called spring,
Where are the mild temperatures, the beauty and everything?

But the real truth I can’t deny, has nothing to do with fate,
It seems I get myself in a bind because I procrastinate,
A few things have me bothered, I’ve really begun to sweat,
Things that broke last year haven’t been repaired yet,

I wouldn’t have to fix anything if we still had winter’s cold,
And winter clothing that’s hanging yet, I wouldn’t have to fold,
Summer has come on so fast, I haven’t had time to think,
There’s mowing, cleaning, etc, and my ac is on the blink,

I’ll talk to that author who wrote “Midsummer Night’s Dream”,
He made it sound like summer’s fun, while I just want to scream,
Do you think he might listen while I go through my list of woe?
 Or am I wasting my time when I ask him, “Where did winter go?”

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  1. I love this...and so true, I was just saying to my brother that what happened, seemed like yesterday I was shoveling snow now I cant keep up with the grass...guess we are never happy :)


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