Sunday, May 29, 2011

One Storm Was Different

Time after time I observed beautiful storms,

Wanting to see differences, wanting to see norms,

Usually they appeared suddenly, lighting up the sky,

And I would watch with wonder as they passed me by,

But one storm looked different, just a little odd,

Its profile dark and menacing, its shoulders wide and broad,

The storm moved quickly in from the west,

Its eyes flashed angrily and it spoke loudly with zest,

I could see its determined look the closer it came,

Then a funnel descended, and it called out my name,

I hid in my basement, away from the destructive wind,

It was out to destroy me, I knew it was no friend,

My home was gone, the storm took all I had,

But I had evaded death this time; the storm was really mad,

Time after time I weathered marital fights,

Wanting to know who was wrong and who was right,

Usually these arguments would flare up fast,

But I didn’t want to listen until my anger was past,

One fight seemed different, just a little odd,

Her words were mean and icy, but my shoulders were broad,

The quarrel continued, I felt tightness in my chest,

Her eyes flashed and her words continued with zest,

I could see the fury in her face, the closer she came,

My pride was punctured as she called me some awful names,

I hid in silence, away from her angry glare,

She was out to destroy me, no longer did she care,

Along with my heart she took away my pride,

But I still had lots of love bottled deep inside,

When she left I had to face life once again,

With little to lose this time, but much more to gain,

I’ll continue enjoying storms as they roll into view,

But this time I’ll be aware of the destruction one storm can do.


  1. excellent poem-marital strife is indeed a tornado to avoid! and thanks for your kind comments on my blog!

  2. Storm is the most apt metaphor. It is painful the journey, though you have shown the consequence as a sort of learning - human being's innate capacity to move on and learn from experience and survive. Ingenious piece of work.

  3. A woman scorned--
    a storm reborn

  4. Storms in life leave such devastation, whether a tornado or marital strife. A woman scorned, like a sheep I was shorn. But the consequences of marital strife put me in the role of being a single parent. My children suffered much more than I did.


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