Friday, June 10, 2011

The Man With the Iron Fists (Part 1)

The Man With the Iron Fists
A quiet sleepy town somewhere out west,
Was being frightened and overrun,
By some mean son-of-a-guns,
So the city council sent off a request,

“We need a few men who will stand tall,
And save our poor town,
From hellions who’ve put us down,”
There was one reply from out of them all,

It only said, “A good fight I can’t resist,
I’m headin’ out today,
I’ll do things my way,”
Signed, “The Man With the Iron Fists,”

A few weeks later a stranger rode into town,
He was rough around the collar,
Looking like he had spent his last dollar,
He glanced at me with a road-weary frown,

“Could you direct me to a place with a bath?
I’m tired, and I think I might stink,
I hope there’s someplace to drink,
And then the bad guys will feel my wrath,”

I looked at him and I started to grin,
“You’re all alone to save the day,
And make the bad guys go away?
We were expecting maybe nine or ten,”

 “There are no others,” he said,
“I’m mean and rough,
And you know very tough,
Those varmits all took off and fled,”

“Excuse me, sir, “I interrupted to say,
“That mean hombre that’s on the run,
The one with notches on his gun,
He’s not coming here today?”

“I said what I mean,” he spat to the side,
“I warned them fair and square,
If they stayed they’d be sucking air,
Anyone left will have holes in his hide!”

“Uh, sir, I know you’ve got true grit,
But even now as we speak,
The man with scars on his cheek,
He’s not the kind to go hightailin’ it,”

“Listen son, I don’t intend to be rude,
Those gunslingers know what’s best,
They know I’m the scourge of the west,
So don’t bother me, before I get crude,”

“One more question, sir, if you don’t mind,
Did you see my aunt Grace?
You were checking out her lace,
Was there something you were hoping to find?”

Now this hunk of a man got red in the face,
I knew he was rough and tough,
But around her he was a cream puff,
Because he was already smitten with Aunt Grace,

“Go away, son, and I’ll give you a dime,
Those scoundrels might be back,
Slipping around some shack,
And I don’t want to waste my time,”

“Around supper time tell Grace I’ll be there,
I’ve got to check on those fellows,
Make sure they’re still being yellow,
And tell her to please let down her hair,”

Now Aunt Grace is the town’s school teacher,
So through windows and curtains,
Everybody was watching and certain,
That it was gittin’ time to call the preacher,

 Later I confided to them that Grace had been kissed,
The town decided with that out of the way,
The marriage should happen the next day,
Between Grace and the man with iron fists,

The ceremony went well, including the I Do’s,
The bad guys stayed away,
They arrived another day,
But that’s another story, Part Two.

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