Wednesday, June 22, 2011

You Are

You Are

You are a social butterfly,

With lots of friends to fill your days,

As you flit from flower to flower,

You could be good for me,

Making my heart glad,

Putting a smile on my face,

You are a hopeful romantic,

Waiting for love to come your way,

Ready to be kissed,

Afraid you’ll be missed,

Your heart is ripe for love,

You are a modern Cinderella,

Looking for magic to touch your life,

Searching for a charming prince,

Looking for a happy beginning,

Waiting for that midnight clock,

To reveal the truth, 

You are a private dancer,

Wanting to please one man,

Playing the role of seductress,

Drawing him into your web,

Closing in quickly,

To secure him with your sweetness,

You are a connoisseur,

Sampling and tasting,

Those that come within reach,

But not committing to one,

While you wait for the special man,

Who will stir your emotions,

You are a modern woman,

Independent and willing,

Ready to call your own shots,

You could be good for me,

What could I do for you?

I could hold you tight,

Each and every night,

Help count the stars above,

I could hold your hand,

Be an answer to your lonely nights,

Fill your waiting arms,

Discover your many charms,

And be there for you,

You are so many things to me,

And I like you just the way,

You are.

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