Friday, June 10, 2011

I've Learned to Look Beyond Myself

As I reflect on my life it all seems surreal,  
Why were there moments when I did not feel?

I saw a man crying because he had killed his friend,
Stabbed during an argument he still didn’t comprehend,
Killed in a flash because they disagreed,
What should I tell him, how should he plead?

Why did I not stop to talk when I saw someone wanting to die?
Was my life so busy that I just passed by?
She had given up in total despair,
There was no way for her life to repair,

She just wanted her problems to go away,
So she swallowed some pills one day,
When I found her she no longer had fears,
It was too late for conversation,  too late for tears,

Why didn’t I talk to her when I had the chance,
Let her know she was important in life’s lonely dance?

When I think of what I should have done, I stand accused,
I saw someone who had been abused,
Why wasn’t I more alert?
Why didn’t  I hurt?

It was not enough to forgive the abuser on that day,
I should have insisted that he be put away,
And protected those who were innocent and unaware,
Rather than leave them in his care,

I saw someone once young and strong,
Now old, ignored and forgotten for so long,
Her children were all grown,
Why did they leave her with no love shown?

She was confused and needing love’s touch, 
If I stopped by, would it hurt me much?

One of my neighbors was a longtime user,
Did that make him forever a loser?
He became more than a burned out shell,
And escaped his private hell,
A friend cared enough to help change his scope,
For all he needed was a little hope,            
I saw someone with a crippling disease,
Why didn’t I help, tell me please?
He was begging on a busy street,
I could have gotten him food to eat,

There are many things I could have done,
But I had decided I’d help no one,
Why didn’t I reach out?
Why did I doubt?

I have a friend who was laid off from work,
He’s on the verge of going berserk,
His phone is ringing off the hook,
Because bill collectors think he is a crook,

But he has no money to pay his bills,
He can’t sleep because dreams give him chills,
Maybe it’s a sign of the times or stormy weather,
His depression is real, we will spend time together,

I’ll let him know I’m there for him,
A friend is a friend, through thick or thin,

There was someone who cheated my heart,
But maybe I didn’t do my part,
I thought like a child, I felt pity for me,
I needed to look beyond myself, but that’s all I could see,

Why didn’t I trust?
My heart knew I must,
But what could have been great,
Was destroyed, I blamed it on fate,

I saw someone who judged me because I didn’t follow the rules,
She was convinced I was a fool,
I cared too much for those in the world,
And I cried, and tried to help as it twirled,

I saw all these conditions, all these people, yet I didn’t see,
That one of the negligent ones was me,
Why did I always seem to hesitate,
When I knew time was precious and I shouldn’t wait?

Problems in life might not start with me,
But I will be compassionate whenever I see,
Those who are hurting wherever they might be,
 I know all problems in life will not end with me,

But there are words of comfort and things I can share,
I’ll reach and touch with tender loving care,
Giving back to others what I can possibly give,
I must not wait, for I have a short while to live,

I know I’ll be vulnerable as I go my way,
There is so much to do each and every day,
This person hurts, and that one too,
There may come a time when I’ll help you,

Everyone needs someone when things go wrong,
Moments when they’re weak, I might be strong,
I don’t want to spend my life focused on me,
This world has many needs, you see,

If I help others sharing my heart’s best,
I believe I’ll make a difference in all the rest,
Lives intertwined stretching across the land,
Compassion and love, walking hand in hand.

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