Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Two Dimensions

Two dimensions of time overlapped one day,

Changing my point of view,

I had been all alone,

Pondering what to do,

My life had burned almost to the end,

I’d say it had been full,

Now I waited for what comes next,

And for life’s storms to lull,

But in a flash my world turned,

As the two dimensions met,

When I saw what could have been,

It filled me with regret,

She was in the kitchen,

Standing by the sink,

Staring out the window,

Taking time to think,

I thought she was very alluring,

So I came up behind,

Kissed her neck and said,

“You are mine, all mine,”

Tears welling up in her eyes,

She turned and faced me,

“Why couldn’t we be this way forever,

Why does this have to be?”

I knew what she meant,

I knew why she was crying,

How can her world go on,

When my world is dying?

I had wrestled with time before,

Always I would lose,

Time dances to its own rhythm,

And doesn’t let you choose,

One of the cruel ironies of time,

Is that lifetimes don’t match,

While one world is slipping away,

Another world starts to hatch,

I am being pulled out of orbit,

Into the dark of night,

My world will soon be gone,

While her world will be shining bright,

Why is life so complicated?

It seems like a cruel hoax,

Our lives are so mismatched,

While time laughs at his joke,

I brush a wisp of hair,

Away from her worried face,

“Let’s just enjoy every minute,

Savoring every trace,”

“We will share our lives all we can,

Until time reshifts into place,

That’s all the control we have,

So we’ll let our hearts set the pace,”

Across two dimensions our hearts will search,

Endlessly it seems,

But we will forever bond,

If only in our dreams.

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  1. oh my goodness, i love this. would you mind terribly if i read it in public? i promise ill vouch that it is not mine in any way shape or form.


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