Friday, June 10, 2011

The Center of the Circle

The stories in nature are never complete,
There are always lessons that will repeat,
From the past, the present, and eons beyond,
Patterns develop from plans once spawned,

From visions, I’ve seen truths and facts,
Comparing man and beast in gruesome acts,
Animals in nature out of necessity must kill,
While mankind often does it for the thrill,

Yet in my dreams the circle’s center,
Becomes the place where I enter,
And the visions I see are all askew,
Gruesome, deadly, but nothing new,

 In my deep dark dreams I could see,
Killer whales and their strategy,
Orcas, the wolves of the sea,
Driving their prey to its destiny,

Penguins or seals, whatever the prey,
Onward pushed, none allowed to stray,
Eager to escape, but they stayed tight knit,
To the group they had chosen to commit,

But the pod of orcas tightened the noose,
Turning their prey inward, not one turned loose,
The orcas continuing their relentless chase,
Until the matriarch gave the signal to end the race,

There was no waiting, no time to pause,
Into the center slashed hungry jaws,
A feeding frenzy with victory won,
Patience rewarded, the pod moved on,
(To be Continued)

 The Center of the Circle (Part 2)
Another dream that was equally strange,
Featuring horse hunters on the range,
Who would chase wild horses,
Along several well devised courses,

Groups of men hidden along the way,
Would Jump up and turn the horses away,
Rerouting them back into the herd,
When directions changed, confusion occurred,

The leaders frantic as the circle tightened,
The mares and colts terribly frightened,
The horses driven into a box canyon,
Where there was no place to run,

Some brave stallions turned to fight,
But rifles fired, killing them outright,
The mares more docile, were left to live,
They could be valuable, their lives to give,

They would be mated with donkeys for sturdy offspring,
Their colts, as mules, much money they’d bring,
And any other young horses that hung around,
Would be auctioned off at the nearest town,

There must be meaning that I could derive,
Why did these dreams return and thrive?
The dreams were becoming progressively vivid,
I was angry at myself, absolutely livid,

But the meanings to the dreams was still concealed,
There was more to come before they were revealed,

Foxes were the focus of my next dream,
But the center of the circle was still the theme,
Foxes were the target of a killing spree,
These poor creatures became the enemy,

A circle of men, women, and children five miles wide,
Decided to give the foxes no place to hide,
With sticks and clubs they entered the woods,
Yelling and baying, as loud as they could,

Tired and frightened, the foxes ran to and fro,
As they quickly found there was no place to go,
The angry ones would snarl and try to fight,
The sticks and clubs would be their last sight,

Those that gave up in utter despair,
Were also clubbed right then and there,
The circle tightened as the men closed in,
There was no hope for the foxes within,

Closer, closer, with enemies all around,
The remaining foxes simply lay down,
The center of the circle became their end,
Pummeled with clubs by children and men,
(To be Continued)

The Center of the Circle (Part 3)
What did all this have to do with me?
Was there some kind of vision I needed to see?
There was one more dream, a warning I guess,
For this dream caused me much stress,

Patterns repeated in dreams before,
Gave me a look at what was in store,
 Unrecognizable shapes, I couldn’t see their faces,
But they were waiting in predetermined spaces,

My dream wasn’t clear about who or when,
But I could feel the trap closing in,
I had learned lessons from watching the past,
If I had a chance, I had to act fast,

Running to freedom might not be the cure,
But in the center death would be sure,
In a state of panic what a scene it could be,
Fighting each other rather than the enemy,

From my dreams I knew I could not appease,
The circle would tighten, all life would cease,
If I acted now I had one slim chance,
To escape and stir others from their trance,

That’s when I woke from this nightmare,
And considered what was and wasn’t there,
The center of the circle is with us now,
They’re relentlessly pushing us inward somehow,

Climate change, terrible storms, nowhere to turn,
Inward we go, the truth to discern,
They’ve watched our patterns and learned so well,
Waiting for the right moment and only time will tell.

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