Friday, June 10, 2011


Hush! Hear the meadowlark as he welcomes the dawn?
Wait! The robin is listening as she hops across the lawn,
The day is breaking,
Nature is waking,

But, oh, Nature is so slow,
Because you know,
There was a full moon last night,
And down by the river in the moonlight,

There was music that people rarely hear,
Forest critters from far and near,
Came to listen to Nature’s Bad Band,
The finest music in all the land,

I didn’t want to interrupt the music, you see,
That’s why I hid high in a tall oak tree,
The amazing performance opened with Benny Bunny,
I wish I had my camera because he sure was funny,

He got the audience warmed up and ready to go,
“Okay, folks, are you ready for the show?”
He gave the audience a poke,
With his first joke,
And soon they were laughing out loud,
Wow! What a crowd!

The musicians went to the center of the group,
Announced “Nature’s Bad Band” as the name of their troupe,
And started right in trying to please the crowd,
Music so special it made everyone proud,

Bubba bear played cello,
Everything he did was very mellow,
Dave Deer got the audience on their feet,
Because “Devil went Down to Georgia” can’t be discreet,

Patty Puma on lead guitar,
Played a rock version of “Twinkle, twinkle, little star”,
Then she opened up the night,
With two tracks of her new album, “Cat Fight!”

The audience shouted, “More!”
It certainly was worth an encore,
Ollie Opossum got his trumpet talking,
Gertie Gator on drums had everyone’s feet walking,

Then Randy Raccoon played clarinet as sweet as honey,
The soulful sounds brought tears to eyes and made noses runny,
Willie Wolf sang songs that were a tribute to his late father,
A howling success, well worth the bother,

After a short break when all got quiet,
There was an announcement “TO Hold On Tight”,
“Frog Went Courting” followed by “Blue Moon”,
Got the males stirred up and the ladies in a swoon,

Lots of styles, big moments, wailing the blues,
I could tell this group has paid their dues,
They ended the night with “Born Free”,
With the audience swaying, singing along, tired and happy,

The audience scattered and went back to their homes,
Places known only to them, faeries, and gnomes,
So hush! Now that the sun is glaring down,
You won’t see many critters dancing around,

They’re tired and willing to let the day fade,
While they rest peacefully in the shade,
But when that first star pops out tonight,
The musicians will want to grab the lime light,

“Listen! I can hear them tuning their instruments in the hollow,
You can come too if you’ll quietly follow,
I think you’ll really like what you hear,
Let’s go now before the crowd appears.”

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