Thursday, June 23, 2011

An Answer to Lonely Nights

She’s a wild one when she’s mad,

A tiger with slashing claws,

But very reasonable and calm,

Once she has time to pause,

A storm in the mountains,

But a gentle breeze from the sea,

Her friends fill her days,

Yet she yearns to be free,

She believes in fairy tales,

And all her wishes coming true,

But she’ll give her heart to a pauper,

As long as he loves her too,

 In her dreams she flits about,

Much like a butterfly,

Sampling each flower in a random way,

It’s always worth a try,

When her prince arrives,

She’ll welcome him right in,

Her heart is full and ready to share,

She’ll disarm him with her grin,

He’ll be the center of her universe,

As he strums across her heart,

She’s ready to join his life’s song,

And she’s eager to do her part,

He’ll enter her web carefully,

Knowing she is a connoisseur,

He knows exactly what he wants,

So he accepts her honeyed lure,

Her words are pure and clear,

Information that yearns to be heard,

And he will be there, face to face,

Listening to every word,

When they’re behind closed doors,

She’ll be shy, bold, a little bit of a tease,

And he’ll try the best he can,

A thousand ways to please,

Her prince has visited countless times,

And held her in his dreams,

He’s watched over her as she slept,

And planned out his schemes,

Caressed her cheek, each strand of hair,

Whispered sweet nothings in her ear,

Words that meant much to him,

Words she could barely hear,

 Words that were meaningful

 Right from the start,

“You mean the world to me,

I will give you my heart,

And treat you tenderly.”

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  1. Enjoy the rhythm and cadence of your writing...nicely done.


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