Monday, July 11, 2011

Lots and Lots of Magical Trees

I’ll dig and plant and grow a shoe tree,

And all the shoes will be for a poor country,

Where some of the children don’t have shoes,

And most of the world doesn’t have a clue,

About what the children go through,

I’ll grow a tree that has food and drink,

The children need that, don’t you think?

Bloated bellies and starvation are rarely understood,

Because the world doesn’t share what it could,

I’ll grow a tree that is filled with songs,

When children sing, would that be wrong?

If my voice blends with theirs all day long,

Singing will help make hearts strong,

I’ll grow a tree that is filled with money,

To change their world into a land of milk and honey,

Instead of them living from day to day,

Trying to subsist on whatever comes their way,

I know one tree can’t grow enough shoes,

It might take more than three or two,

And the plant that grows all kinds of food,

Will have to be cloned if I could,

You can help with the tree of songs,

We’ll join hands and sing all night long,

The tree with money will have to grow,

Because one little tree can’t bestow,

Enough to clothe, shelter, and feed,

Satisfying each and every need,

My garden will be large with lots of trees,

I can do this if you’ll help me please,

If we plant enough for a country or two,

There’s no telling what we can do,

A world of trees, new hopes and dreams,

A world with compassion, and fewer regimes,

We’ll plant and sow some magical seeds,

Then climb up high and see what the world needs.



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