Saturday, July 16, 2011

M. Y. O. B.

“Matter of fact,” she said sternly,

      “I like doing things my own way,

       If you’re not here to help,

       I don’t care what you say,

       If you’re not making things easier,

      Then get out of my way,”

“You’ve got your nose where it’s not wanted,

      You’ve put in your two cents worth,

      You think you’ve got the answers,

      To all the questions on earth,

      But until someone wants your opinion,

      All those answers are just good for mirth,

“Own up to your mistakes before you fix mine,

      You’ve been a crusader all down the line,

      You’re known as Miss Goody Two Shoes,

      And I think that’s just super fine,

      But when you start judging others,

      Then you’re totally out of line,”

“Before you dismiss everything that I’ve told you,

      Don’t worry about how computer viruses infest,

      Your pictures turned up everywhere, I guess,

      Those were interesting pictures of your chest,

      And those men had hungry looks in their eyes,

      But I won’t say anymore, you know the rest,

Don’t meddle in my business, just leave me alone,

I don’t need your judgments, my life is my own,

I’m not a miscreant, but even if that were true,

I’ll straighten my life out, but it’s not up to you.


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