Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Expressions of All Sorts

“I’ve never painted whispers,” the wizened man said,

”I’ve painted snickers, smirks, and odd smiles,

And a few frowns that were handed down,

But whispers?” he carefully scratched his head,

“Oh, but I’ve drawn a few curses screamed aloud,

Maybe that will make up for the difference,

I don’t want to be thought to have less than all,

I thought I had captured every expression in the crowd,”

“Oh, no, you missed some,”  so wisely  I proclaimed,

“Besides whispers there are snorts, expressions of all sorts,

I don’t think you saw with clarity in the great hall,

For you missed the silent scream, and you will be blamed,”

“You’ll never paint again, your reputation was at stake,”

I looked at him with practiced disdain, a withering look,

But he ignored me, painting my expression rapidly,

Refusing to let me see, “Sir that would be a mistake,”

“Whatever expression I draw the owner is doomed to wear,

There is magical power in what I paint,

If you saw this painting you might faint,

So be careful with the words you choose to swear,”

“So you dare threaten me, the king’s own son,”

I laughed loudly, a horselaugh, and called for the guards,

But they approached and fled, then left me alone,

And in a mirror I could see the wizened man had won,

“So if you are wondering why behind a curtain I hide,

While I tell you of a man who didn’t paint whispers,

Let’s just say I’ve learned to treat others with respect,

And I keep any rude facial expressions inside.”

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