Friday, July 22, 2011

Moses and George

Moses was just a young hound,

Not good for much but eating biscuits,

And left over scraps lying around,

But he was already the best tracker,

If something needed to be found,

His nose was insured by Lloyds of London,

A guarantee that his nose would always work,

So when the circus lost an elephant,

Moses was called, a case he would not shirk,

Now an elephant is really hard to lose,

There’s no place to hide with ease,

And George, the name of this elephant,

Whenever it was dusty he had a penchant to sneeze,

Moses started at the main ring of the big top,

The very last place George was seen,

He definitely caught the scent of George,

George needed a bath or two, if you know what I mean,

Moses might have been sidetracked,

By all the circus sounds and smells,

For he lost the scent of George right away,

And it took awhile to pick up the trail,

Now George had not been kidnapped,

He wanted to have a leisurely bath,

He could have jumped into a swimming pool,

But he didn’t want to draw anyone’s wrath,

Moses found George in the river,

Submerged and swimming around,

George looked surprised to see Moses,

“I’m not ready yet to be found,”

Moses agreed, sometimes it’s good to be alone,

It was hot that day and just right for a swim,

 Moses went upstream a few yards,

Before he decided to jump in,

George confided he was tired of circus life,

Long days and getting up at dawn,

Moses listened to George’s plight,

He was courteous, not even one yawn,

Moses and George became friends from the start,

Their appearances were very different,

But they were alike in their hearts,

They didn’t play the same kind of games,

But they could be friends just the same,

Hide and seek doesn’t give George a thrill,

And Moses won’t play squish,

They still sit and talk sometimes,

And get in a game of Fish,

They’re both happy to have the perfect friend,

Someone to share with, someone who’ll listen,

And now they’ve formed a detective agency,

How well they do, who knows,

But they expect to solve a lot of cases,

One has a great memory and the other has a great nose.

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