Monday, July 11, 2011

Loving You Like This

I didn’t intend to let love in,

I thought there would be too much pain,

Yet my heart spread wide its arms,

So love’s favor I could gain,

I was pleasantly surprised the day we met,

How completely I was attracted to you,

My love kept growing stronger yet,

And I was glad when you said, “I do,”

Long ago you told me you were plain,

But I smiled as you slept naked beside me,

Like a fawn shaking off the summer rain,

You shivered and goose bumps I could see,

Now as I hold you I still disagree,

I’ll cover you, but not without a twinge of regret,

For I love every part that I see,

And I’ll cherish every moment I can get,

I brush strands of hair from your face,

 “You’re beautiful,” I whisper in the dark,

 And to plant a kiss I find a place,

Hoping that kiss might stir a spark,

I still yearn to hold your many charms,

You might not hear the words I say,

 Those simple words that only my head knows,

Are laden with love and might betray,

How much my heart with passion overflows,

I grin again, already missing your sweet kiss,

I don’t want to rush life, I want to take life slow,

Because I want to go on loving you like this.  

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