Monday, July 11, 2011

An Angel is Watching Over Her

She is vibrant and alive,

Her youth shows,

An angel is watching over her,

For he knows,

That her life is yet to live,

The angel calls her name,

Tries to convince her,

That life is no game,

She has plans, so much to do,

Life can’t wait,

She has love to give,

And years to follow her fate,

The curtain of life is woven strong,

And it has to be,

For life courses through her veins,

And her angel sees,

Her world laid out before her,

Each and every day,

He’ll guide and protect her,

For she has reasons to stay,

Her life will ring true,

Until she completes her list to do,

She’ll look back and smile,

At all the things she did worthwhile.

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