Monday, July 11, 2011

Death Is Waiting For Me

Death is waiting for me,

But it’s not time yet,

He is peering through the veil,

But I’m not set,

He’s visited me over the years,

Called my name,

Tried to convince me,

To play his game,

But I had too much to do,

Death had to wait,

Until I finished my earthly tasks,

Then I’d enter death’s gate,

See where the curtain has ripped?

He stares at me,

But I do not fear death’s gaze,

For I cannot be,

Part of his entourage,

No, not today,

He’ll have to wait behind the veil,

I’m going to stay,

Try to complete my list of things to do,

Until my final breath,

When my list is done, I’ll welcome,

The spectre called death.

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