Thursday, August 4, 2011

Angels Above and Angels on Earth

I always seem to get in trouble,
All the way up to my ears,
That’s when I call on angels,
To calm my persistent fears,
I don’t know when to expect them,
I don’t know where they’ll be,
I just know they’ve got my back,
And places I can’t see,
They might show up to help me drive,
Some cold and lonesome night,
One might be a hitchhiker I’ve picked up,
While I’m doing what is right,
Or distract me from becoming involved,
In a friend’s family feud,
While another angel helps patch things up,
If I don’t intrude,
Yet it might take a hundred strong,
Staying busy as a bee,
For I seem to have star-crossed path,
I hope it’s just me,
For if you, too, have crossed the line,
Where danger is always in view,
Then angels above and angels on earth,
Need to watch out for me and you.

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