Friday, August 26, 2011

Trouble in Paradise

They were a match made in heaven, it wasn’t by chance,

The first day they were perfect, the second day there was a dance,

The music was incredible, both of them had a ball,

But later Eve was cranky, poor Adam couldn’t win at all,

Adam: “Eve, really, you were the prettiest woman there,

No, I wasn’t looking for a woman with whom to compare,

And yes, I also think you were the best dressed,

If I tried to think of someone else, I’d be hard pressed.”

Eve:  “Adam, you’d better be telling me the truth,

Are you sure you didn’t slip off to see someone called Ruth?

Oh, sure, tell me again that I was your first,

Well, honey, I’d better be, or your bubble done burst!”

Adam: “Eve, you’ve been jealous right from the start,

But don’t you know from the beginning you captured my heart,

I was so happy when I saw you in the morning mist,

You were beautiful and I thought you needed to be kissed,”

Eve: “Oh, Adam, you were all over me because I was nude,

I stitched those leaves together not because I was a prude,

Out of sight, out of mind, you finally left me alone,

Now you won’t listen to me and I can’t find a phone,”

Adam: “Eve, I’ve got a question for you, I stepped out awhile,

When I returned your cheeks were red, and you had a smile,

So tell me the truth, the whole truth for goodness sake,

While I was gone that short time, were you seeing that snake?”

Eve: “Oh, don’t be suspicious, Adam, just because he’s a snake,

Don’t be thinking everything that crawls is always on the make,

He gave me a gift, some fruit that’s all, nothing else in mind,

It’s a platonic relationship, he’s very lonely and trying to be kind,“

Adam: “I’m not sure I like him, the way he slips around,

He sneaks in very quietly, he doesn’t make a sound,

And when he talks, he persuades with a certain ease,

Since you’re my one and only, stay away from him, please,”

Eve didn’t like choosing between Adam and her friend,

She was tempted to tell Adam that this was the end,

But knowing Adam was angry, the snake had taken flight,

But he still shows up in Eve’s dreams, almost every night,

You might have heard a different tale, one that was true,

This version was passed down, now I’m handing it over to you,

Whether Eve was wrong or right, it’s up to you to decide,

One of her descendants told me true, unless, of course, she lied.

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