Thursday, August 4, 2011

Let the Jungle Music Begin!

Along the beach this story begins,

With a monkey in a coconut tree,

He scrambled high to where the tree ends,

To make sure I would see his interest in our safari,

Through the jungle growth and to the plains,

We’d planned this trip and now one selection to make,

“Mr. Monkey, I’ll take an oath, we’ve gone to great pain,

I hope you’re a music man, we’re ready for goodness sake,”

Off we went with our band, playing marches as we went,

Past the elephants trumpeting along, until we set up tents,

By banana trees across the land the horns we did vent,

The drums beat to the same song, under the direction of the Lion Prince,

All the jungle sang in the night, the crocs slapped their tails,

Hyenas laughed at such a sight while Cheetahs raced down the trails,

What a safari it was all right, What stories, what awesome tales,

The animals danced with all their might, jungle music never fails!

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