Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mixed Messages

Don’t be messing with little girls now,

They’ll be running, they’ll be crying, they’ll be telling,

Stop! Don’t! Leave them alone!

Don’t be kissing little girls then,

They’ll be running, they’ll be smiling, they’ll still be telling,

Don’t! Stop! Leave them alone!

Don’t be messing with big girls now,

They’re not running, they’ve been changing, now they’re waiting,

Stop! Don’t! What are you thinking?

Don’t be kissing those big girls now,

They’ll do the catching because they’ve been scheming,

Stop! Don’t stop! What were you dreaming?

If those kisses you wanted turned out to be teasing,

And thoughts of tomorrow are delightfully pleasing,

Don’t stop! Don’t let her get away!

You’ll be caught by one you thought you were chasing,

Captured by the mixed messages you were receiving,

Don’t stop!  Your world is just beginning!

Start! Don’t stop! Love keeps the world turning,

Don’t stop loving!  Don’t stop living!

Don’t stop! Keep on giving!

Don’t stop!

1 comment:

  1. Really enjoyed this piece ...the change from then to now seamless.


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