Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Call Me Number Five

If I didn’t have siblings,

I wonder how life would be,

What names would Mom,

Have called me?

She seemed to forget,

Which name did I get?

Was I older or younger,

It didn’t matter, her ways were set,

It became an endless game,

When she couldn’t remember my name,

What meaning did I derive?

Mom, just call me number five,

Sandwiched in between,

I was hardly ever seen,

Six siblings that did everything right,

So of course I had to fight,

Whatever your name is, come here,

You shouldn’t have been scrapping there,

Like a bee from a busy hive,

Mom, just call me number five,

Throughout life I fought for fame,

Tried to get people to remember my name,

But to the inner circle of family and friends,

I was, you know, that one, the one that grins,

Six great siblings all with names,

Always around for credit or blame,

Each of them worthy to note with pride,

Their names all shining, none to hide,

So if you ask me I’d say I was special,

Probably one of the luckiest men alive,

If you can’t remember my name,

Just call me, you know, number five.

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