Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"Why, oh Why, Am I in the Who's Who?"

I breathe, I sleep, I eat, I find ways to exist,

The world has too many good things to list,

I see the rich running at a frantic pace,

How can they enjoy the world they face,

 I get questions from those in the know,

As I travel my path going to and fro,

“Why are you here, from where did you come?”

“What does it matter if I follow my own drum?”

Whatever I asked for, (You might think this is funny),

There was nothing to be shared in this land of milk and honey,

I didn’t have a roof over my head,

“You can’t sleep here, hit the road instead,”

So off I walked from town to town,

Nowhere was I allowed to rest and stick around,

“You’re looking good, you’re so thin,

Tell us your secrets you keep within,

We’ve tried everything , the latest fad,”

I said, “Don’t eat sometimes,” and they went away sad,

When the world told me what to do,

I didn’t listen because I was just passing through,

When their sails puffed up with pompous air,

Should the rudder listen or should it care?

The same flowers are there for all to see,

Can that beauty be kept from you and me?

And the wonder of the glorious sky,

Is there for all who have an appreciative eye,

All my needs each day are met,

Can’t you see the humor yet?

All the tech and all the toys, all the cutting edge,

The gossip, the drama, the rich person’s wedge,

I was thrown in jail for having no visible support,

My space was limited with no place to cavort,

A committee was formed, my case to review,

“I know,” said one, “Let’s list him in “Who’s Who”,

He’s a philosopher, a poet, a religious freak,

A traveler, a health nut, his experiences we’ll tweak,

He’ll be a hero to the downtrodden throughout the land,

But even better he’ll be off our hands,”

A penniless traveler will be on the marquee,

A bum that’s footloose and fancy free,

Rubbing shoulders with the filthy rich,

What a hoot!, The thought makes me itch,

The wealth of the world is the beauty I see,

And the earth shares it with the “Who’s Who”, and me.

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