Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Salt and Pepper

We were a team,

Rappin’ to each other,

We were real close,

Like he was my brother,

Each day we met up,

And wrote our poetry down,

Cause that’s what rappin’ is,

It makes the sweetest sound,

Salt and Pepper were our names,

Seemed to us they fit,

Close friends could always find,

The ways we could benefit,

 We were together at parties,

Next to each other at school,

Combined we were unbeatable,

Salt and Pepper together were cool,

But Pepper went searching,

At a party last night,

Looking for his special girl,

Got into a real nasty fight,

And when the shooting started,

I should have been at his side,

I could have taken his bullets,

Or at least pulled him inside,

Now there’s no Pepper,

And the Salt don’t quit,

Until the score is evened,

And I get to the end of it,

What kind of hard life,

Is destined for me,

Without Pepper around,

Where will I be?

Things aren’t going right,

On this side of town,

I’ll stay out of the shadows,

I’ll stand my ground,

But who’ll be there,

 At the next attack,

I have no friend,

To watch my back.

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