Thursday, January 6, 2011

Angry Birds

For over a year,
There’s been increasing fear,
Birds against pigs,
Has made it big,
The birds’ survival is at stake,
And there’s a choice to make,
Revenge and lay waste,
Or just watch the pigs taste,
The eggs of the birds curious,
Oh, but that makes them furious,

An update on the continuing war,
“We won’t take it anymore,”
Quote the Angry Birds,
With their fast and furious words,
“Our nest has been violated,
The eggs were taken out,
I didn’t see a pig steal them,
But on one’s snout,
I saw part of an egg yolk,
Smeared on his face,
Even though he thought,
He left no trace,
Now we’re angry birds,
Taking flight,
With a little help,
They’ll see our might.”

If you’re opposed to war,
Choose to hear or see no more,
But if you can relate,
There’s already a new update,
They’re on Twitter and Facebook,
And iTunes if you look,
The birds are here and over there,
I think they’ll soon be everywhere.

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