Monday, January 3, 2011

Wait Until Later When It's Good and Dark (Part One)

A fireman’s job takes heart and soul,
They have to be ready to aid young and old,
 Dangerous situations are part of the work,
But never do firemen a mission shirk,
Being on roofs with flames all around,
In buildings with live electrical wires down,
Wondering if the walls could cave in,
There is bonding with other firemen,
A brotherhood of those who have the knack,
Respecting those who watch their back,
Yet not all the time dousing fires is spent,
Part of the time is used to prevent,
Warning others of dangers, always alert,
Sometimes when they see children badly hurt,
They’re quick and efficient, silently cold,
But layered underneath are hearts of gold,
Resuscitation and first aid are applied,
Behind closed doors, sometimes they’ve cried,
More than keeping everything polished and clean,
Stations are inspected and by the public seen,
Firemen write, play games, cook, or read a book,
Their fire clothing hangs waiting on a hook,
To sleep soundly would be a mistake,
So they sleep lightly for lives are at stake,


  1. I bet the folks at your local fire department would love to see this poem. A wonderful tribute,

    Also...if you have a 'fire' going on from eating too much bad blueberry buckle, these guys might come in handy, ☼

  2. wow,
    cool piece..

    honoring fire fighters is a wise move.

  3. Part one was to honor fire fighters and parts two and three to make them normal humor loving people.


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