Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Your Eyes Speak From the Heart

(It’s your eyes)
I hear the words you are saying,
But your eyes talk too.
They tell a different truth.
Your mouth whispers what you want me to hear.
False words of undying love,
Words claiming forever.

Your eyes, your beautiful eyes,
Tell the whole story,
From beginning to end,
With all the details at hand.
Your lips are convincing
But they change their mind,
And move without the truth.
Your eyes, portals to the soul,
Speak from the heart.
They cannot lie,
They separate themselves from excuses,
They speak straight and true.
Oblivious to your silver tongue,
Those orbs contradict the words
That slide so easily from your mouth.
I do not believe your words,
But I believe your eyes,
They speak from the heart.


  1. Eyes have a way not only of telling the truth, but searching for the truth. The problem is you need to be open to whatever that truth may be.

    Thoroughly enjoyed.

  2. You are correct. Being open to the truth is the main thing.


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