Friday, January 28, 2011

Some Assembly Required

Another relationship, another failure,

His feelings had become traitors,
He was broken, shattered into pieces,
He had fallen into life’s little creases,
Fears and doubts had to be embraced,
Lost hopes and dreams had to be retraced,
Symptoms of failure had to be addressed,
Passions and gifts had to be stressed,
Until he moved through his own limitations,
He would refrain from any other relations,
He wasn’t sure if he still could trust,
He could hesitate no longer, he had to adjust,
He was a bud tightly shut, waiting to burst,
Wanting his flowering talents to be dispersed,
 His friends and kin gathered about to comfort him,
But quickly he discovered their demeanors grim,
And their words were hollow and mean,
As they reflected on each relationship they’d seen,
 He dismissed them, deciding he’d walk and talk alone,
But afraid his heart would turn to stone,
He had to find a way to put the pieces together,
To rebuild his life so he could love once again,
Help was needed desperately so he could begin,

From a business quarterly he saw what he needed,
There were steps to success if he just heeded,
1) Socializing with a purpose of something to gain,
2) Selling his personality without looking vain,
3) His public image he would have to maintain,
4) Then convince his audience he was what she wanted,
5) Letting everyone know he was not easily daunted,
6) He would present himself well using all his skills,
7) And be well received in social media’s frills,
He knew he couldn’t be fooled by the masks he saw,
And he wasn’t concerned about someone with flaws,
He was looking for someone who didn’t pretend,
Someone who knew herself and was true to him,
He had pieces missing he was on a mission to get,
She, too, would have baggage, he was willing to bet,
He would be vulnerable, his passion and love set free,
He would be ready and eager for his destiny,
He was optimistic, no longer in disarray,
At a milestone in life where he could proudly say,
“I may be disassembled, but my future is gold,
I’m ready for someone to love and to hold,”
He placed his information on a social network,
Trying to sound like he wasn’t a jerk,
“I’m currently seeking someone who strives,
To reach dreams and goals, and thrives,
When she’s treated like a queen,
Self-motivated to help me cook and clean,
Ready to share and work together all your life,
Willing to join me as man and wife,
Ready to face whatever’s in store,
Bonded together, richer or poor,
Committed to love till death do us part,
She’ll also need to be a mechanic of the heart,
Helping romance along as this vision transpires,
The future is ours, but some assembly is required,”

He waited patiently for a reply to his ad,
If no one was willing, he would be sad,
Maybe he was expecting love too soon, too deep,
He went to bed troubled, afraid to sleep,
“I’m too broken for someone to care,
Nobody is willing to chance it out there,”
Like a child at Christmas he stared at the screen,
Hoping and praying for one name to be seen,
But he was shocked at the scene before his eyes,
There was page after page of interested replies,
But one special note got him all inspired,
“The future is ours, but some assembly is required!”


  1. awe.....I love the ending! Wonderfully clever!

  2. Lovely write, beautiful blog.... enjoyed it :)

  3. Extremely brave..certainly an everyman! Maybe all our dreams will come true, maybe not..I applaud your talent!

  4. Thank you very much. I find my dreams are often better than my reality. I am all that I want to be and choose my circumstances.

  5. The ending came from hopes and dreams.


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