Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Life Will Not Be a Stagnant Pond

In my dreams there was a pond not far beyond,
Where everything stopped, no frog hopped,
It was there that it was said it’s better to be dead,
Not much can live, no life to give,
Few signs of activity, the home of negativity,
What went in never came out,
It was a resting place for shame and doubt,
A deathly silence engulfed the air,
And I faced my own reality there,
Things I never did hung over my head,
Conversations I never had made me sad,
Risks I never took deserved another look,
I just waited for life to begin and end,
A bystander remembering talents never used,
Ignoring all that were battered and bruised,
Weeks became months, months became years,
The only signs of life were my tears,

When I woke I danced, for I had a second chance,
My life was a gift and others I could lift,
I decided to take the initiative and lead,
Crossing those barriers that might impede,
Building relationships that were filled with trust,
Flowing and active, living a life that was robust,
Not a stagnant pond, for I’ll keep moving on,
Celebrating life ongoing, reaching out,
No longer is there any doubt,
It’s not about me after all, for I heard the call,
Not frozen in fear but trumpeting loud and clear,
Caring for the young, the homeless, and the weak,
Always wanting it to be the truth I seek,
I’ll sleep under the stars, rail against wars,
Be active in my home and community,
Instead of stagnation, choosing generativity,
My dreams won’t be about what I haven’t done,
But about all the victories won,
And I’ll be happy to encounter challenges each day,
Growing, flowing, alive in every way,
My life stream teeming with life along the banks,
For this second chance, I dance, and give thanks.

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