Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Perfect Woman

The Perfect Woman ( Your People Will be My People)
Wherever you go I will go,
There are a few conditions, though,
I’ll follow you to earth’s ends,
But I won’t camp out with your friends,
Of course it matters where we are,
I’ll only stay at hotels, three or four star,
Roughing it is not my thing,
I might lose my diamond ring,
I’ll be by your side and help you, too,
As long as it’s reasonable to do,
I’ll give you a list regarding what it might entail,
Because I don’t want to sweat or break a nail,
Twice a month a manicure and pedicure I’ll get,
So I can’t help you then, please don’t forget,
Your people will be my people, my dear,
That’s why I mention this here,
When I say I do and I will,
That will mean forever until,
I check out the skeletons in your closet,
Do your kin have sins of scarlet?
Because if there is anything wrong,
We won’t be around them long,
Your people will be my people should we wed,
But I’d rather be with my kinfolks instead,
And because you’re my significant other,
You’ll have to tread lightly with my dear brother,
He’s wanted by the police,
And ignore my simple minded niece,
If she keeps reminding you of my uncle’s release,
Or my pretty Aunt Linda, just suppose,
What if she has a wart on her nose?
You might like my father, Bob,
Although he could never hold a job,
And my children, they’re all so sweet,
Their fathers you’ll just have to meet,
We’ll probably see them in court,
Because they’re all behind in child support,
I will go wherever you go,
Treat me like a queen, but remember though,
I’ll always love you, forever and a day,
As long as I’m happy, and you do things my way,
Your people will be my people, my dear,
But I’m moving next to mother, because she’s near.

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