Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Choice

He stood silently and scratched his head,
Staring at the oaks outside hard and long,
While his terrible thoughts raced ahead,
“How did I manage to let things become so wrong?”
He should warn her, “Don’t be fooled if no words are said,”
He shuddered and wondered, “Why can’t I be strong?”
The thought of her crying filled him with dread,

Although three birds flew from tree to tree,
And two squirrels chased each other on limbs below,
Nothing else moved as far as he could see,
Life disappeared when the temperature dipped low,
“I think this winter scene is just like me,
I’m in a marriage that’s as cold as the snow,
There’s a little life left, but I need to be free,”

His wife made coffee and brought it with care,
He didn’t look up, afraid his face would betray,
But he was already certain that she was aware,
She hurried off to wake the kids for another school day,
“Why doesn’t she mention something about my affair?”
But she busied herself with the children and he was on his way,
Sweaty palms, racing heart, turmoil inside, softly he began to swear,

An office party, it had started out innocent enough,
They talked about their lives and when they could retire,
He tried to stay away, but his heart wasn’t that tough,
They had too much to drink, then alone and on fire,
He felt tenderness, passion, and all the romantic stuff,
“I’m happy,” he told himself, yet deep within he was a liar,
For he still had to go home, and his wife to bluff,

Time passed quickly after that sordid start,
His desires were fulfilled but it was a living hell,
He knew he had to choose between head and heart,
Should he do what he thought was right and well,
Or keep on savoring life sip by sip, loving each part?
 Would he have to decide? Only time would tell,
What choice should he make, if he wanted to be smart?

One evening his lover presented him with a choice,
 Leave two children and his wife, with two years of deceit,
She said, “If you want to keep me, you’ll need a divorce,”
Quickly he thought, “Love on the run, or a family complete,”
It was only then that he finally found his voice,
“I choose to love again with a love more concrete,
I hope she will love me, because I’ve made my choice.”

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