Monday, January 3, 2011

Wait Until Later (Part Two) Explosions

I had a small share of life and death,
It broke my heart to see a last breath,
Yet there were times not fire related,
When firemen were just people as stated,
One evening was different as I started my shift,
It was busy but uneventful, if you get my drift,
Tom was my partner, he was in charge,
He was considered serious, by firemen at large,
Two small kitchen fires, a car fire on the street,
A resuscitation call, then quiet, the evening complete,
Tom finished his bookwork and had gone to bed,
I climbed into my bunk and to relax I read,
Later I was sleeping deeply, that’s not an excuse,
When the world suddenly exploded, all hell broke loose,
Bang! Boom! And a series of loud bangs,
I thought for a moment several fire alarms rang,
We leaped up quickly from our beds,
I slipped on my trousers, I was seeing red,
We raced to the door for someone to snare,
But to our surprise no one was there,
We investigated quickly to see why we awoke,
Firecrackers were scattered, some still with smoke,
Yet there was no other evidence we could find,
But we couldn’t sleep or get peace of mind,
Tom was sure the culprits lived across the street,
A woman and her friend I’d a chance to meet,
Pranks, good and bad, they were prone to commit,
But they never got caught, and would never admit,
Later that week Tom sat pensively, a lot on his mind,
“I wish there was a way, a prank I could find,
To even the score and give me peace of mind,”
I thought for a moment, “I have some plans,
I just need fishing line and some empty cans.”

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