Saturday, April 30, 2011

"Bankruptcy of the Heart"

Although you deceived and escaped with gain,

There was no way for me to avoid the pain,
 You claimed no guilt for my heart’s theft,
Yet I was emotionally spent and all bereft,

There should have been a siren to put out an alert,
I’m tired of being cheated, confused, and hurt,
I’m bankrupt and my poor heart is overdrawn,
I’ve loved unwisely, the conclusion is foregone,

You broke into my heart with honeyed deceit,
You withdrew my love and left me in defeat,
My love account depleted, my reputation shattered,
Then you were gone, nothing else really mattered,

Where can I go to find love to earn?
Will I fall for another who gives little in return?
I can’t trust my emotions for they can deceive,
Can I trust my thoughts? What can I truly believe?

Seven years of a broken heart till I trust once more,
Seven years of loneliness before I’m restored,
You were living high on love at the expense of me,
Even though you knew I loved you desperately,

Now in limbo because  love was all that mattered,
My love is depleted and my poor heart shattered,
You took all my love and left little in return,
Now I’m bankrupt and my heart is overdrawn.


  1. Ooh, what wicked witch. I felt the pain.

  2. ouch!
    emotions expressed very well in this wonderfully crafted poem. felt the betrayal and hurt. love the title
    take care!

    thanks for the visit and comment

  3. Life takes us on thrilling roller coaster rides, climbing slowly to the top and in complete control, to the twists and turns that make you wonder why you got on, all the way to the stop at the end. That's when you either get off or say, "Let's do that again!""


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