Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Three Visions

I’ve been having visions that fill my night,
The past and the future, each was an awesome sight,
But the present time, as the world was displayed,
Much was in disorder, I was terribly dismayed,
The First Vision:  The Past
Caretakers were here since time began,
Preparing a place for woman and man,
Their wings whirring, whirring, stirring the air,
Each molecule and atom placed with care,
Frolicking in the new oceans and streams,
Rowdy by day, but tiptoeing through dreams,
Tending the flower gardens day and night,
Patchworks of color everywhere in sight,
Setting in motion perfect harmony,
Rhythms of earth, the heavens, and sea,
These caretakers were angels selected,
Keeping the world from being neglected,
There was plenty of space for sounds of life,
All was peaceful and calm, there was no strife,
Vision Two:  The Present
Then the earth was given to mankind,
A present to see if we could find,
All the secrets that were hidden in the air,
And beneath the waters everywhere,

The world took on human face and form,
In my vision everything seemed norm,
A beautiful woman, young and fair,
Skin shining and smooth, she had lustrous hair
I should have warned her but I could not speak,
As mankind approached, his conscience weak,
He raped and beat her, left her for dead,
Scarred and bleeding, hair ripped from her head,
The angels watched in horror as she met disgrace,
But there was much more that took place,
 She was kicked and stabbed while still down,
And left lying there, helpless, on the ground,
I was stunned until I saw her changing again,
The world reappeared, her wounds were plain,
She had rips and scars, Areas full of trash,
She had been exploited and ravaged, all for cash,
Vision Three:  The Future
The world had been cleaned of garbage and filth,
Mankind was trying to improve her health,
Her wounds were treated, her nutrients restored,
She was healing nicely, and not ignored,
The angels had returned to ease the way,
In charge of keeping evil at bay,
The world needed heroes to stand and be strong,
To protect her from the greedy who would do her wrong,
The world needs poets who will write and shout,
We can no longer be silent while the world cries out.

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