Monday, April 4, 2011


Ben, a young boy from India, wearing a scarf of red,
Stares intently and shakes his head,
“I’m full of love and curiosity,
Adopted when small even though the agency,

 Thought for sure I might be,
Difficult to place for it was agreed,
I could be malformed, for no one had a clue,
That I was as normal as you,

It was thought I might not make it,
Because I was so tiny I could fit,
In a shoe box, but I grew,
Changing the life I once knew,

And with lots of fresh air,
Good nutrition and loving care,
My adoptive parents gave
Me love which my life it saved,
It was what I wanted and needed,
And through the years I proceeded,
To just be a unique, growing young lad,
Usually good, but sometimes bad,

It was plain to see that I was part of a family,
That loves the world and especially me,
My parents call me their joy,
For I’ m bright, happy, and all boy,

Now in my portrait I watch for visitors, a few steps up the stair,
Does my family know I’m here? Perhaps they’re not aware.”

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