Monday, April 4, 2011

Frozen in Ice (Part Four, The Conclusion)

Frozen In Ice ( Part Four)

Was there any way she could be satisfied and find ways to cope?
Was her love so shallow that nothing could make her feel?
Or had her marriage deteriorated so much, there was no hope?
Had her imagination confused imaginary love for one that was real?

Could she settle for her family? Which meant work and no play,
Her husband was security, but offered little romance and no spice,
Was she willing to risk tomorrow for the pleasures of today,
Or stay in her long-time marriage, her heart frozen in ice?

When her husband confronted her, he’d had some time to think,
She wept and sobbed profusely, and said she didn’t want to live,
He said, “We’ll get though this together, we’ll repair the broken link,
We’ll keep our heads held high, and both of us have much to forgive,”

But Rhonda could imagine the vicious rumors she would have to face,
“Our marriage is dead, there’s no excitement and I can’t endure another day,”
Behind her back her friends would laugh, none would give her any grace,
“I love you,” she told her husband, “but only in a superficial way,”

 “I know it will be difficult,” he said, “but I know we can make it work,
It won’t be easy to undo the anger, the hurts, the fear, the blame,
If we don’t neglect each other, and our promises we do not shirk,
If we just share our feelings, our love will have a chance to flame,”

He wanted to be understanding, he wanted this marriage to succeed,
But Rhonda had tasted the wild life, pleasure had opened the gate,
“I’ve been too confined at home,” she stated, “my emotions have been freed,
Someday I might be the wife for you, but for now I want to date,”

Rhonda moved to the city, where she could start her life anew,
Rhonda is much happier now, her new job is better too,
She’s discovering her inner self again, which was long overdue,
She isn’t accountable to anyone, she does what she wants to do,

Her husband and kids struggle on, doing their very best,
They’ve become a closer family group, on each other they rely,
They don’t talk often about their mom, those thoughts are suppressed,
In the evenings, when their chores are done, they sit around and cry.

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