Saturday, April 23, 2011

Jungle Law

I cling to my branch watching the trail below,
Hoping those hungry leopards don’t show,
I think one of them gobbled up pop,
Mom was next, the leopard wouldn’t stop,
I screamed for help but to no avail,
That’s one reason now I watch the trail,
I could be singing and dancing with glee,
But that certainly would make a target of me,
I’ve got chimpanzee friends in high places,
Ready to swing down if I see leopard faces,
In return I will keep a sharp eagle eye,
For any hungry looking animal passing by,
So while I watch the chimp children play,
We all feel more secure yet another day,
I’m at my post and I cannot sleep,
For I made promises I intend to keep,
I’ll scream out loud with a warning cry,
If something unusual catches my eye,
Those chimp children are all over the place,
So I’m especially alert for a leopard face,
Should I give a warning to the group,
They’d better go quickly to their troop,
There is safety in numbers with fang and claw,
For tragedy strikes quickly, it’s jungle law.

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