Monday, April 4, 2011

Frozen in Ice (Part Three)

In the wee hours David took her home, but he didn’t wait around,
The house was dark, not even one light, to welcome her return,
She went from room to room, but no one could be found,
If her husband and children were gone, where could she turn?

She found a note on the kitchen table, upon it was written her name,
“The kids are safe at your mother’s, but I decided to take a trip,
One of my friends went to the dance, he told me of your shame,
I couldn’t believe my wife, my angel, had finally lost her grip,”

“I’m sorry you don’t love me anymore, I’m sorry I let you down,
I don’t know how long I’ll be gone, I need some space to live,
I wanted to discuss this all with you, but you brought your love to town,
I know I won’t forget this night, but I’m trying hard to forgive,”

Rhonda’s heart was pounding as reality struck her with terrible force,
She had always held her husband accountable for every small mistake,
Forgiveness was not her strong point and now she was filled with remorse,
Could he ever forgive her for what she’d done, what action would he take?

Emotionally and physically she had neglected her husband’s needs,
In return, he had numbed himself to all matters of the heart,
Was it too late to repair their love and forgive any wayward deeds?
Rhonda was ready for counseling, to give her marriage a new start,

Her husband was not sure that he was willing to reconcile,
Their relationship was empty, love had leaked slowly away,
He, too, had felt neglected, they had not made love for awhile,
Could he forgive her? Or did he need to make her pay?

There are consequences for her actions, she’s lost her self-respect,
She’d like to forget and forgive herself, for the night she lost control,
But David’s face often appears, when she’s lonely and feels neglect,
And her face flames with sudden rush, as she remembers his body bold,

Did she really mean forever, that she would never do any wrong?
Oh, the decisions she has to make, to keep from going back,
Is it worth all the work to keep her relationship strong?
Or should she take the easy way out, and get the love she lacks?
(To Be Continued)

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