Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dream Big, Little Girl

For all the world,

Will be there when you wake,
I know you don’t want to sleep,
But tomorrow will just have to keep,
The stars are shining bright,
No, you can’t have a pillow fight,
I think it’s for the best,
That you get lots of rest,
You’ll be dancing around the stars soon,
And laughing at the moon,
Dream big, little girl,
Let your dreams unfurl,
The world needs your smile,
It’s been waiting awhile,
So in your dreams, dance and sing,
Help bring beauty to everything,
Perhaps an astronomer you’ll be,
Searching faraway worlds relentlessly,
Stretching your imagination into the night,
Letting your dreams take flight,
I know you’re looking for your special star,
The one that follows you wherever you are,
It’s there, keeping your wishes for another day,
While you dream, you’ll dance on the Milky Way,
And sprinkle stardust across the sky,
Count the falling stars that go by,
Just remember, while you are sleeping,
Angels will your heart be keeping,
So, dream big, little girl,
And let your dreams change the world.


  1. Thank you for stopping by Writing with Debra and your comment. Enjoyed reading your poetry as well.

  2. Hi this was really cute...ive gone thru ur poems...why dont you write for childrens..compile them in short stories..
    really got great potential..

  3. I've thought about it. Hate to go through all the rejections.


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