Tuesday, October 25, 2011


If you’d feel awkward,

Breaking a few rules,

Then you shouldn’t be,

Hanging out with fools,

If you’d feel strange,

Taking another man’s wife,

Then you shouldn’t be,

 Stirring up quarrels and strife,

If you’d feel weird,

Stealing from the weak and old,

Then why are you so greedy,

To want his silver and gold,

 If you don’t want to hurt someone,

Then why go blithely along,

Ignoring screams of pain,

When you know something is wrong,

If you steal someone’s happiness,

Or steal her hope and joy,

What more does she have to live for,

What more can you destroy,  

Life has its awkward moments,

Most of those you’ll choose,

But when you hurt someone else,

Within your heart you lose,

Victims might forgive you,

But they’ll never forget your name,

The wounds you made are deep inside,

They’ll have you forever to blame,

Life has its awkward moments,

I’m sure you’ll find that true,

Find a way to work through obstacles,

And your heart will learn to trust you.

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